Our Story

Medical Expert Witness
Our story started in 2004, when Dr. Harrell and Dr. Cook were classmates in medical school. We independently chose to specialize in Occupational and Environmental Medicine because we were Navy physicians, focused on preserving the military’s finest asset: the service member. During our training and experience we recognized gaps in preparing workers for inevitable injury. We found many programs in worker’s health are outdated and provided injured workers with counterproductive expectations. Dr. Harrell and Dr. Cook joined together in May of 2016 and co-founded AAMS with ambitions to do things differently and make a difference in the future of Veterans and the American worker.

AAMS is a nationwide network of physicians providing healthcare and expert services to corporations, insurers, third party administrators, attorneys, hospitals and clinics. AAMS has an expert driven service model to meet our clients’ needs at any stage with the values instilled in us during Military service. AAMS services include, but are not limited to: peer review, expert witness, independent medical examinations, workplace wellness programs, disability management, workplace interventions, training, professional speaking and second opinions. We utilize an unbiased, high-integrity approach to provide evidence-based sound clinical opinions on complex problems. AAMS is owned and operated by two physicians who are board certified in Occupational Medicine, as well as Public Health and General Preventive Medicine. Their background in worker health and injury prevention is the foundation of AAMS’s services which support the behavioral and medical needs of absence compensation and return to work programs.

Our Vision

At AAMS, we believe that the goal of healthcare is sustaining or improving an individual’s overall functioning. As part of that core philosophy, AAMS maintains that remaining active and functional is a better indicator of health than pure longevity. We support necessary work absence and any medically supported work restrictions and attempt to facilitate return to maximum functionality with optimum care. Our vision is that workers around the globe can improve their physical and mental health in prevention and following an injury or illness such that they find purpose, drive, and energy to enjoy and abundant life.
Independent Medical Examination