Military Grade Accuracy

Medical experts are available in San Diego to perform comprehensive medical evaluations for second opinions, or independent medical examinations (IMEs). The inclusion of the physical exam and face to face interview of the individual assists in defining case issues. AAMS's physicians are board-certified and active practitioners. They are proven leaders in their fields of expertise with extensive experience in the evaluation of injury and illness. Impeccable reports present accuracy of data and sensible analyses that support the experts’ conclusions.

Reports include:
  • Clarifying the Diagnosis and Treatment plan

  • Determining Causal Relationships

  • Verification of Medical Status

  • Prognosis Evaluation

  • Determining Maximal Medical Improvement

  • Assessing Work Capacity, Return to Work status

Independent Medical Examination
We provide the timely and secure transmission of unbiased, professional, thorough and succinct medical record reviews with expert opinion and analysis and optional services of deposition and testimony.


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