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Our physician experts provide expert witness services that can vary widely, such as malpractice, cause of death, disability, workers’ compensation, intellectual property, and forensics. Our reach is wide, so if we don’t have the specialist you are looking for in our directory we can usually find it. AAMS understands the expert’s role in litigation and ensures our physician experts are responsive to the client’s needs.
Comprehensive medical record reviews with expert analysis and opinion. The experts provide an objective opinion based on the records reviewed, diagnostics, and any other evidence/materials provided that are pertinent to the case.
Expert Witness:
  • Table summary of the identified individual medical documents

  • Document summaries emphasizing new data and relevant facts

  • Case summary highlighting pertinent details

Expert Opinion and Analysis:
  • Answers to all questions posed

  • Cited references in support of the expert opinion

  • When available, optional information/guidance applicable to the case

Medical Expert Witness
Professional: Experts are board-certified, hold unrestricted medical licensed, are actively-practicing, and are in good standing without any sanctions or disciplinary actions on record.
Thorough and succinct:
  • Concise pertinent details per individual record/document and note any incomplete, illegible or unidentifiable information
  • Concisely formed and sufficiently elaborate answers to the posed question
  • Recommendations of the petitioning of additional medical records where there is evidence that the missing records could significantly alter the expert opinion
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