Occupational functional medicine (OFM) is a total health approach to optimizing or restoring the health workers and executives. OFM is a paradigm shift in the standard approach to management of chronic conditions. Standards of care are met by addressing and treating conditions using evidence-based guidelines – and we take it a step further: we get to know the patient’s story, including in utero developmental exposures, childhood experiences, and significant life events. By gathering more information, the whole picture is revealed, and we can start to see when and how chronic conditions initiated and are perpetuated. While still treating the problem within the current standard of practice, we also can treat the root cause of disease and promote its reversal.

OFM employs behavioral changes to improve health-related factors – focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, social connectedness, and reducing exposure to toxins. These changes decrease inflammation and improve health overall. Functional medicine analyzes genetic, biologic, and lifestyle factors to tailor individualized “whole-health” wellness plans. It offers a model that enables the patient to see what functional problems need to be addressed, while moving the physician away from a diagnosis-focus to a broader functional view.

AAMS has physicians skilled in OFM and can design a program that fits your company’s needs.

Occupational Functional Medicine


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